How Strata Condominiums and Rental Apartment Properties can benefit from installing EV Charging

A utility grade digital smart electricity meter

Regulation changes in the Fall of 2021 enabled most Multi Unit Residential Buildings to earn carbon credits by charging electric cars.

As it turns out these carbon credits have become quite valuable – much more than the cost of electricity, and as EV adoption increases, a significant income stream that cannot be ignored.

As each annual reduction of intensity takes effect on January 1st, fossil fuel providers must ensure they have achieved enough reduction in carbon intensity, or purchase additional credits to meet the regulation. As a result the value of these credits has risen steadily as transportation fuel producers continue to sell gasoline or diesel. EV charging will grow the supply of credits to this market, but the new 30% reduction target will also bolster demand.

In the meantime, building owners installing EV charging infrastructure can reap the benefits of reducing carbon emissions through the growing fleet of electric vehicles, not to mention the financial and performance benefits of driving EVs in the first place.

Electric Advantage can help you register, report and trade your carbon credits. Ask us about our comprehensive annual EV charging management services.