Electric vehicle adoption is taking off. The race for enabling EV charging where you reside is well underway.  With more than 50% of the population in urban centres living in condominiums and rental apartments retrofitting for EV charging infrastructure is more important than ever. The convenience of charging at your residence, or at your workplace is fundamental to the electric car, and one of the key advantages of driving electric. 

Having efficient billing, energy and carbon credit management systems for MURBs and other workplaces is key. As we move to a distributed electricity grid the relationships between all stakeholders becomes more challenging. Making sure you are ready for this future is important.

Electric Advantage was created to help this transition, to help property owners navigate the process of formulating an EV charging infrastructure, maximize incentives and provide the analysis of information to enable decision makers to make informed decisions.

We also provide on-going support services that EV charging infrastructure requires, and interestingly, where electrification in general will take us. Carbon credits play an important part of the equation, and here too we offer services to bring these cash flows to your organization.

We see a bright future where EV charging is just the start of significant change for the benefit of electricity consumers everywhere.