BC MURBs & EV Charging: The time to act is now!

Three financial incentives are currently available to British Columbia multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs – including strata condos, rental apartments, workplaces and hospitality properties). 

The NRCan ZEV Infrastructure Program currently enables up to 75% cost recovery when combined with the CleanBC Incentive.  (2023 application intake dates pending)

In addition BC MURBs can now benefit from selling carbon credits – a new income stream for your building.

Electric Advantage is an independent advisory services and systems company.

To be successful in applying for the 2023 ZEVIP grant (application intake period expected to open in January 2023) have your EV charging infrastructure project finalized and financing approved well in advance. This process generally takes 2-3 months. Until October 31, 2022 we’re taking on British Columbia MURB building owners to help them configure their projects, convince stakeholders to proceed, and apply for funding.

We offer services to ensure a well thought out project configuration to maximize government grants, and the future versatility of your project. We review and assess electrical contractor proposals. We build the business case, communications and information sessions for your stakeholders to move your project forward.

Results: Of our 2022 NRCan ZEVIP grant application strata condominium clients, we helped two recent clients reach a 96% special resolution approval for project funding through respective SGM and AGMs.


Electric vehicle adoption is taking off. The race for enabling EV charging where you reside is well underway.  With more than 50% of the population in urban centres living in condominiums and rental apartments retrofitting for EV charging infrastructure is more important than ever. The convenience of charging at your residence, or at your workplace is fundamental to the electric car, and one of the key advantages of driving electric. 

Having efficient billing, energy and carbon credit management systems for MURBs and other workplaces is key. As we move to a distributed electricity grid the relationships between all stakeholders becomes more challenging. Making sure you are ready for this future is important.

Electric Advantage was created to help this transition, and to provide on-going network support services that EV charging infrastructure requires, and interestingly, where electrification in general will take us. We see a bright future where EV charging is just the start of significant change for the benefit of electricity consumers everywhere.

Advisory Services

General advisory on EV charging infrastructure projects

  • Services for strata councils, property managers, and building owners.
  • Support for owners groups at AGM or SGM project approval meetings.
  • Best practices for MURB by-laws, and cost recovery policy.
  • Electrical contractor referrals
  • Electrical contractor proposal assessment
  • Project optimization and planning, grant writing and coordination
  • Carbon credit administration services