John Stonier, CPA, CA

John is a founder and our principal consultant. A long time enthusiast for electric vehicles he was first engaged with electric vehicles back in 2005. At that time there were no production electric vehicles so he built one by converting a 1999 Porsche Boxster. Ten days after he purchased that Porsche in 2007 a company called Tesla announced they would be building their roadster to ‘dispel the myths about EVs’ – well, the rest is history.  John completed his Porsche conversion and continued to enjoy his convertible EV until he sold it a few years ago.  He’s been driving EVs ever since, including his first production car, and favourite EV, a long lasting 2012 Nissan LEAF.

Interviewed by CBC News, March 2022

John has been active in the EV movement as an advocate, public speaker, consultant and entrepreneur co-founding VeloMetro, a shared e-mobility company back in 2014. Through his involvement with the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA) he contributed to many progressive EV policies that are in place today in British Columbia. They include lobbying the City of Vancouver for their 2009 By-law to provide electrification of 20% of parking stalls for all new condos commissioned after April 1, 2011, (which subsequently has been bumped to 100% in 2019) and the origins of the EV Ready and EV Infrastructure programs now in place through CleanBC and the BC Government. With VEVA he also advocated for changes within the BC Low Carbon Fuel Standard Regulations regarding electric vehicle charging providers. Combined, these policies make British Columbia a world leader in EV charging infrastructure initiatives.

John is one of those unique people with deep involvement in the development and execution of progressive EV policy in British Columbia. As a business professional, he provides practical advice and strategies for maximizing the benefits of EV infrastructure projects for stratas, rental property owners, social housing, workplaces and any business who wants to supply charging facilities for their stakeholders.