Client Testimonials

The National, Vancouver, BC

“John has a deep knowledge of electrical vehicles and has the relevant legislation knowledge to complete the Federal Government ZEVIP application and all other programs pertaining to EV charging. Based on his background as a CPA, he provided a professional approach to our project. His plan combined with councils extensive Q&A pages generated a high consensus vote at our AGM.”

  • Ralph Wettstein, Strata Council President, The National, Vancouver
Creekside and Marinaside, Vancouver BC

“Electric Advantage has been a significant factor in helping our client’s EV charging projects proceed.  From overall strategy, budgets, vendor selection and support for council decisions, to providing information sessions and AGM support for owner project decisions.  Electric Advantage has ensured our clients receive significant available grants and rebates, and during project execution streamlined the process for property managers, contractors, owners and councils alike.”

  • Jeremy Lim, Strata Property Manager, Rancho Property Management Ltd. for Creekside and Marinaside, Vancouver BC