Consulting Services for Strata Condos + Commercial Buildings

EV charging infrastructure projects – future proof your building and maximize value to owners. Benefit from professional, expert advice.

  • Getting to Yes. Bringing together the configuration and plan to obtain 3/4 vote approval to proceed. Ensure your project configuration is future proofed, ready for a future where all cars and trucks have electric drives.
    • Review of contractor proposals and reports
    • Assessment of building/resident needs
    • Project budget and business case validation
    • Surveys, communications, information sessions, and SGM/AGM support for owners
    • By-laws and rules formulation for EV charging operations
    • Cost recovery plan
  • Funding support – Federal NRCan grant writing, and maximizing all available grants, top-ups and incentives
  • Project management including RFP administration to make sure your project goes to plan and within budget
  • Annual reviews and carbon credit administration services